segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

Ouça uma ótima nova música de Robbie Robertson, ex-The Band

Ouvi o novo disco solo do Robbie Robertson, How to Become Clairvoyant, o primeiro dele desde 1998 e... É bonito, mas nunca chega nem perto do lendário trabalho do guistarrista na The Band.

Mas tem pelo menos uma faixa impressionante, "This Is Where I Get Off".

"The Earth keeps on shaking but I'm standing still
The chances I'm taking against my will
When we made it to the top we watched the fall couldn't stop
Everything you leave behind catches up in another time

So just pull over to the side of the road
This is where I get off
This is where I move on

I know where I went wrong along the way
Along the way

Walking out on the boys... was never the plan
We drifted off course couldn't strike up the band
We've been working the graveyard shift, wonder do you catch my drift
This was trouble in the making, but it's a risk well worth taking

This is where I get off
This ain't where I belong
Somebody done me wrong along the way
Along the way"

[se o player travar, clique aqui para ouvir]

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